Our History

Among its other distinctions, Fresno is home to the first credit union formed in the state of California.

Our credit union was established on November 18, 1924, as Fresno Postal Employees Credit Union, Limited. At the time the credit union came into being there were no federal or state laws governing the operation of credit unions, and it was chartered under the provisions of Canadian credit union law, hence the designation "Limited" following the original name of the organization.

From its inception in 1924, through the depths of the depression, the turbulent years of World War II and the booming years following the war, the credit union continued to grow, prosper and serve its members. In 1962, the field of membership was expanded to encompass all U.S. Government employees residing in Fresno County. Those included, in addition to the original postal workers, were all classified civil service, wage board, and their families. To reflect the increased scope of its membership base, the name of the credit union was changed to U.S. Employees Credit Union of Fresno County, California.

In 1982, the credit union converted to a federal charter. As part of the conversion process, the decision was made to change the name of the organization to highlight our unique status as the first credit union in the state, First California Federal Credit Union.

In over eighty years since its formation the credit union has seen many changes. Today, we are a full service financial institution, our members number in excess of 9,000 and our asset base has grown to just over $77,000,000. We are proud of our “5 Star” financial rating. By achieving the highest rating a financial institution can achieve, the credit union offers long term financial security, safety, and stability members can count on. We have continued our tradition of “professional and personable service” through the best and worst of economic times and remained strong, thanks to the confidence and support of our members.

Now we extend the opportunity for MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY to our traditional membership base and to the employees of our many business partners in Fresno County who wish to enjoy the benefits of an employer sponsored credit union. We invite you to join and become a part of California's oldest credit union family.